Andercon 2015

Thank-you to Mark Dando for sending me the banner for this year’s Andercon. As D&S is out of action at home for a while, I thought I’d have to settle for using last year’s ad, but it seems I can do a little bit of ‘cut and paste’ at the library facility I’m using, so onwards and upwards!

Follow the banner link to the Andercon website, for all the information you need while there’s still time (only a week and a half to go).

Copyright © 2015 Anderson Entertainment Ltd

Copyright © 2015 Anderson Entertainment Ltd

All being well, there should be Dorad & Sirius news by the end of June. In the meantime, best wishes and thanks to anyone still following.


Space Ace & Friends

More exciting times with science-fiction concepts, as Ron Turner’s Space Ace: Volume 3 has recently gone on sale. The latest edition continues the successful series published by John Lawrence, with the original artwork by Ron Turner being re-formatted and coloured-in by John Ridgway.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 3: Copyright © 2014 The Ron Turner Estate

Ron’s Robots!

Four complete stories from Lone Star Magazine and Lone Star Annual are presented, with the added bonus of an interview with Ron Turner himself.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 3: Copyright © 2014 The Ron Turner Estate

Turner Flying Object!

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 3: Copyright © 2014 The Ron Turner Estate

A nostalgic future.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 3: Copyright © 2014 The Ron Turner Estate

Space battles with a special style.

I’ve included a ‘flyer’ below, as there is a ‘spin off’ feature available when purchasing Space Ace. Copies of Nick Hazard and Kalgan The Golden, originally created for Harrier Comics and also illustrated by Ron Turner, can now be ordered via PayPal at the same time.

Ron Turner's Space Ace Volume 3: Copyright © 2014 The Ron Turner Estate

Flyer Ace!

It’s great to see more classic artwork combined with superb digital colouring, creating a very special atmosphere for this whole book series.

Thank you to John Lawrence for the flyer and John Ridgway for the page images.


The Gathering Firestorm

Following on from Gemini Force One, a brand new Gerry Anderson production has been launched by Jamie Anderson on Kickstarter today. This time, the crowdfunding project has the more ambitious goal of producing a pilot for a new TV series, Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm. The plan is to make a series that harks back to the heydays of Century 21, with a combination of physical models and effects, along with a return to puppetry. The whole technique has been given the new name, Ultramarionation.

From the Kickstarter page:

Ultramarionation is a brand new method of filming based on the foundations of the Supermarionation techniques developed by Gerry Anderson and his pioneering teams through the 1960s, used in series like Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, and the iconic Thunderbirds.

With Ultramarionation we are taking the very best aspects of those incredible shows – the physical sets, marionettes, breath-taking model work, and practical effects and tying them together with modern film-making technologies.

Also described on the page:

Firestorm was originally conceived and developed by Gerry Anderson in 2001 under the title ‘Storm Force’. The series was eventually bought by a Japanese production company and developed as an anime series. By the time it reached the screen it was quite different to the original series Gerry Anderson had envisaged, and we want to go back to those original concepts and develop them as a true Gerry Anderson production.

An impressive team has been assembled to create the planned ‘minisode’ and additional pilots, including two key people from the original series. Visual effects supervisor Steve Begg designed a wide range of vehicles for Firestorm, while illustrator Steve Kyte created the character and uniform designs.

Adding to the nostalgic atmosphere, David Elliott, one of the Thunderbirds directors from the days of AP Films, is returning as a consultant on Firestorm.

So if like me, you’d like to see a new production with all the classic Gerry Anderson elements, combined with the potential of today’s technology, then get behind this fantastic new project and follow the link to Firestorm.

Onwards and upwards!


The Last Station

Since the previous post, a crowdfunding campaign has started for the new science-fiction TV series, The Last Station, created by Sylvia Anderson and Dee Anderson. Launched on Friday 5th September, the campaign runs until 4th October with the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

As mentioned on the main page:

Running alongside the initial concepts of characters and storylines, we are delighted to be able to showcase a video in the development stages of the Project – outlining our ideas and characters in 2013.   Since this video has been made, there have been exciting and innovative changes to the characters, storylines and sub-plots and we will keep you updated during this campaign.

The ‘Plot Outline’ section detailing the general background to the story, along with specific characters and locations, shows how the concept is fresh and innovative while reflecting the iconic Century 21 years.

As Sylvia Anderson states:

This Project has all the key elements reminiscent of the early days of Thunderbirds.

To quote the tagline for the project:

Free your imagination and enjoy the ride.


Back Again!

Greetings devotees of Chakralog and anyone passing by, it’s good to be back.

After a few setbacks that prevented the funding attempt with Kickstarter continuing during July last year, there were new plans made to hopefully give a new funding round the best chance of success. As with any speculative project, the output taking place has to fit in with everyone’s regular work schedule, thereby perhaps taking quite a while to complete. However, I felt that it would be best to have more content already in hand before the next Kickstarter launch, giving the presentation a stronger foundation, along with varied reward levels. So while things have been quiet on the blog front, John Ridgway and Nick Spender have been producing new artwork for both rewards and publicity. During that time, I took the opportunity to revise a few storyline elements and new incidental characters featured in the first graphic novel, along with designing a new emblem for Chakra as well. So then, onwards and upwards.

Chakra Emblems

Signs of the times.

Since the last blog post here in May, there’s been another successful Flights Of Fantasy at RAF Museum Cosford, with Sylvia Anderson at the event for the first time, discussing many recollections and anecdotes about her career. Earlier this year, Sylvia along with her daughter Dee Anderson, created and launched a new family lifestyle multimedia website and TV channel, GloTIME.TV, which later will also be the venue for their new science-fiction animation series, The Last Station.

For an album of pictures from the weekend event, please follow the link to Flickr.

Flights Of Fantasy 2014

Return flights to Cosford.

Last Tuesday (12th August), saw the official website launch for Gemini Force One. Tied-in with launching the limited hardback edition of Gemini Force One: Black Horizon (also one of the Kickstarter rewards), the website is currently accepting registrations for email news updates.

So what else is there, oh yes, of course, the new series of Doctor Who begins tomorrow (23rd August), with Peter Capaldi in the title role. Yes I know, with the enormous wave of publicity surrounding the new ‘Doctor’ and series, I hardly needed to mention it myself, I just thought it would be odd and maybe even disrespectful if I didn’t.

All in all then, exciting and interesting times for wholesome ‘family friendly’ science-fiction concepts.

Evolution & Imagination.


To The Pale And Beyond!

Things are still progressing with D&S, but in the meantime, here’s another science-fiction adventure comic project recently launched on Kickstarter. With the intriguing title, The Pale: Royalty and Thieves, the concept has this description:

A sci-fi adventure comic book mini-series written by William Jenkins with art by Shane Sandulak about three bounty hunters trying to return a young princess to her home planet.

Promotional Image: Copyright © 2014 William Jenkins

Promoting a universe of adventure.

The project’s creator William Jenkins describes the story outline on the Kickstarter page:

After her father Prince Feytor Pale is assassinated, the young princess Feyora Pale is kidnapped and taken far from her home. Scared, alone, and with a hefty price on her head, it is up to Mel, her partner Cricket and their friend Lilith to safely return Feyora to her home planet of Dise. Little do they know that along with all the other hunters coming after Feyora, the ruthless mercenary Tywod Grieves is hot on their trail.

There are several completed page examples to see, along with the front cover for the first issue. As William says on Kickstarter:

That’s just the very tip of the iceberg! I’ve spent a lot of time fleshing out the universe of The Pale and it is a large a one, filled with exotic planets, creatures and aliens just waiting to be brought to life.

With a whole range of reward tiers to choose from, the funding continues up to and including Monday 26th May. So if you enjoy science-fiction adventures in comic-strip form, then here’s another opportunity to be part of an imaginative project, made possible by the innovation of crowd funding.

Thank-you to William Jenkins for providing the image for this post.


Skies Of Fire

It’s good to see yet another imaginative comic concept being launched on Kickstarter, with the alternate reality adventure, Skies Of Fire, having exceeded the original funding target, while the funding period continues until 11th April.

Copyright © 2014 Mythopoeia

Welcome to the Aquilan Empire.

As described on the Kickstarter page:

Skies of Fire is a new comic created and written by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou with art by Pablo Peppino. Skies is an epic adventure centered on gigantic, diesel-powered airships and their duels on the high skies – think massive battles with howitzer broadsides, airplane dogfights, and close quarter boardings.

Copyright © 2014 Mythopoeia

Meet the crew of the Zephyr.

The project’s official Facebook page provides additional information in the ‘about’ section:

Skies of Fire is the first project from Mythopoeia, a new creative company founded by Vincenzo and Ray. Mythopoeia aims to bring mythical narratives to the modern audience. We believe in epic stories set in fantastical worlds with their own histories and cultures.

Copyright © 2014 Mythopoeia

The adventure begins.

It’s great that there are continued examples of crowd funding allowing creative concepts to be produced, without imposed restrictions or demographics distorting the original idea. The successes of these ventures show that the audience/readership is there.

Thank-you to Ray and Vince for the use of their images.

Onwards and upwards!


Turner Prizes

Copyright © 2013/14 Philip Harbottle / The Ron Turner Estate

A classic Ron Turner design.

Shortly before Ron Turner’s Space Ace: Volume 2 being published earlier this year, I received a very interesting email from author and literary agent Philip Harbottle, concerning science-fiction book covers by Ron Turner:

 “It occurred to me that you may not be aware that I have been using Ron’s science fiction book covers on scores and scores of the books by John Russell Fearn (and others) that I have been publishing with Borgo Books/Wildside Press.”

Copyright © 2013/14 Philip Harbottle / The Ron Turner Estate

Dwellers in nostalgia.

Philip also informed me about his book relating to Ron’s science-fiction covers:

 “My recent four hundred plus page non-fiction book, VULTURES OF THE VOID: THE LEGACY, tells the entire history of British science fiction publishing, with particular emphasis on the post-war decade and what you would term ‘adventure’ or popular science fiction,  The careers and books of prolific authors like John Russell Fearn and E.C.Tubb are covered in depth, and there are sidebars on classic sf comic strip characters like Dan Dare and Garth.”

Copyright © 2013/14 Philip Harbottle / The Ron Turner Estate

Portraying the future.

“Also covered in depth is the canon of artist Ron Turner, who has the lion’s share of the scores of book and magazine covers featured in the book. Turner’s classic covers appeared on paperbacks in the early 1950s (mainly on titles by Fearn and Tubb under various pseudonyms).”

Copyright © 2013/14 Philip Harbottle / The Ron Turner Estate

A classic creation.

Philip also explained his connection with E.C. Tubb and John Russell Fearn:

“As their later literary agent, I have been arranging for the reprinting (with several posthumous first editions) of scores and scores of their books, many with original or new covers by Turner, or ‘recycled’ Turner covers from other titles. Initially from US small press Gryphon Books, then with US pod publisher Wildside Press and (mainly) with Borgo Books, a separate imprint of Wildside.”

Copyright © 2013/14 Philip Harbottle / The Ron Turner Estate

Paradise Covered!

While developments with Dorad & Sirius continue, it’s good to see classic Ron Turner artwork presented in new publications.

Thank-you to Philip Harbottle for the information and permission to share the covers.


Project Evolving

As is often the case with a long-term project, changing circumstances and commitments can cause one or more partners to leave. Therefore last month, Mark Hirst decided to leave D&S to concentrate more with writing, in particular his new concept, The Agents Of MIRANDA.

To improve the overall consistency of Dorad & Sirius, Nick Spender recently produced new character illustrations, strengthening the intended eclectic visual style for the planned graphic novel.

Chakralog 2014 Headers

Heading in a new direction.

More D&S news to follow soon!


History Rekindled

The Story Of The Dam Busters, A new comics-based project by Nick Spender, is now available to purchase as a download for Kindle.

Telling the story in comic-strip form, the book combines an informative narrative with the ‘retro’ style of a 1950’s adventure book. Nick has put in many finishing touches to create an authentic ‘old book’ appearance, including a ‘Richmond upon Thames Libraries’ form and a fictional cover-price of 4/6d.

Copyright © 2014 Nicholas Spender

The weathering is covered.

Personally, I think the idea of an ebook as a modern medium presenting a real-life story and information in a purposely old-fashioned style, is both very innovative and special.

With the book already receiving good reviews from Amazon customers, there’s also an interesting article from John Freeman on Down The Tubes.